A question about a recipe: Chewiest Sugar Cookies

How could you make these lemon sugar cookies? What should you add?

Denise Brooker
Chewiest Sugar Cookies
Recipe question for: Chewiest Sugar Cookies


HalfPint March 22, 2012
I would use food-grade lemon essential oil. A few drops should be more than enough.
Carebearcp March 18, 2012
i agree and would say that you could also substitute a little lemon extract/ lemon juice for the vanilla. just make sure to not overdo it when using extract. putting a nice lemon glaze over them would also be very tasty too
Miranda R. March 18, 2012
You could probably just add a little (or a lot!) of lemon zest for a nice lemony zing! I've done that many times with shortbread cookies, scones, etc. and I would bet that it would work just fine with these as well!
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