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Cookie sugar type ( can't find soft brown sugar)

Now i live in Egypt , and unfortunately i don't have access to allot of the ingredients that are found in the online recipes, my question is i need soft brown sugar to make cookies can this sugar be substituted with course brown sugar? ,

  • Posted by: Mark
  • March 20, 2020


Miss_Karen March 20, 2020
You could also sub muscovado sugar for the brown sugar 🙂 hope this helps.
Miss_Karen March 20, 2020
Hello Mark,
You can swap measure for measure white granulated sugar for the brown. Also you can make your own brown sugar 1 cup (200 grams) with 1 TBSP. (15ml) Molasses or maple syrup.
If you want dark brown sugar just use 2 TBSP of molasses (30 ml) or maple syrup.
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