A question about a recipe: Almond Baklava

I have a question about the ingredient "Rose water (for syrup topping)" on the recipe "Almond Baklava" from cookingProf.
Can I make it on my own? Thank you!

Almond Baklava
Recipe question for: Almond Baklava


radovanovic.rade March 22, 2012
Here in Serbia organic rose is not problem at all. And just like in Romania during summer you can see jars of rose water on the windows of suburbs, with petals flowing on the top. I just wasn't sure about the English name. It takes much more than 40 minutes, HalfPint but not sure what is the difference, I'll check it. Thanks for answering!
lloreen March 22, 2012
Interesting...thanks HalfPint! I only know about rose water/juice from a friend's grandma in Romania who makes it every summer from their huge organic rose garden. I have never tasted anything that delicious- synesthesia in a cup. I fall into a trance of summer haze when I even think of it....oh, do I have to work today?
HalfPint March 22, 2012
It doesn't take weeks to make rose water. Here are instructions to distill it in about 40 minutes:

The only hard part is getting the large amount of organic and highly scented roses (not all roses have a scent).
Nozlee S. March 18, 2012
Agreed -- they sell it at most Indian, Middle Eastern, and even some Asian grocery stores, as well as online at places like Kalustyan's and Kalamala. Cortas brand is my favorite for its stronger scent and long-keeping qualities.
lloreen March 18, 2012
you can, but it takes weeks! you need a lot of organic roses, preferably red, so you would need to wait for summer, probably. there is nothing more delicious than fresh rose water juice from an organic home garden in July. In the meantime, just look for it online or in a middle-eastern grocery.
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