lemon tart

Can I make a lemon tart ahead of time? Such as a day? The crust has almonds, a lemon curd filing, and meringue. Would it be better to make the dough and curd the day before and assemble and bake a few hours ahead?

Stephanie G


jmburns March 19, 2012
I agree about the weeping but I also have had problems with the bottom getting a little moist. I would recommend coating the bottom with a little coating of semi sweet chocolate. It does little to change the flavor but it moisture proofs the bottom. Add merg just before serving
Christine March 19, 2012
That's a good point. I've used a couple types of crust, the crumb crust type occasionally getting a little soggy, while the cream cheese pastry was fine.
Christine March 19, 2012
The only issue I've had with making a lemon curd tart with meringue a day ahead is the meringue weeping a bit. I would pre-bake the crust, pour in and chill the curd ahead and then add and quickly bake the meringue closer to when you plan to eat it.
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