I am going to make Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart today and am using
short cut of Pillsbury refrigerated Pie Crust. Do I need to
pre bake the shell before putting in the lemon filling?




Helenegordon February 17, 2011
Our dinner guests just left--what a hit this tart was. This is my new favorite dessert and the proportions were perfect.
Helenegordon February 17, 2011
Thank you ladies. I baked the tart without blind baking the Pillsbury crust, though I did
roll it out a bit per Chef June's suggestion. It looks wonderful sitting on my sideboard
ready for my husband's birthday--he has just discovered Meyer lemons and since we have
a tree, thought it would be fun to try.

TheWimpyVegetarian February 17, 2011
I've made this great tart a couple times. I did not blind bake the crust nor did I feel I needed to. The crust stayed nice and firm. One tip I will pass along, FWIT, is a few people in the comments section wondered if they should decrease the sugar. I did the first time around b/c it seemed like a lot, and regretted it. I was quite aware of the bitterness of the rind. the second time, I used the amount of sugar dymnyno calls for in the recipe, and it was perfect for me. I'm sure you'll love it!!
ChefJune February 17, 2011
Only if you're supposed to blind bake the crust in the original recipe.

Whenever I use the Pillsbury crusts, I always roll it out a bit thinner. Imho otherwise it produces a doughy crust, and with a little rolling folks ask me for the recipe!
hardlikearmour February 17, 2011
You shouldn't need to. If you decide to par-bake it, make sure to watch that the crust doesn't over brown.
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