roast veal breast on the bone

Most recipes call for roasting for 2 hrs or so covered, then 1 hour or so uncovered (sometimes at a higher temp) to brown. To work a day or 2 ahead, I am thinking I will roast for 2 hours covered, then refrigerate for 1 day or 2, then finish the roasting uncovered a few hours before serving. Any thoughts on whether this 2-stage process will work? Thanks.



jmburns March 19, 2012
Well I am sort of in the middle here. I think you can roast ahead and then finish later. Just remember to let the meat come to room temp so it will cook evenly. I would tent initially only because it is a veal roast and can dry out very easily basting is fine but a veal roast does not put out much liquid like a beef roast does.
pierino March 19, 2012
I'm skeptical. First, I like the fact that you are roasting on the bone. But I never roast anything covered because most often I'm basting. When the meat hits its proper internal temperature I take it out and tent it with foil for 15 minutes. It gets a "heat boost" as the boiling juices settle back in. I don't think you will achieve this with a refrigerated, partially cooked roast.
ReneePussman March 19, 2012
It may work. The rest in the fridge will allow the gelatin to set up and give the meat a firmer texture when you finish cooking it. Just make sure you don't over cook it the second go round. Since it is veal, it won't have the same amount of fat and connective tissue so make sure it doesn't dry out. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
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