What would you suggest pairing with it for a meal? The usual pasta like spaghetti seems underwhelming. Thanks!



sexyLAMBCHOPx March 24, 2012
Rice or orzo.

lloreen March 24, 2012
This doesn't have the flavor profile of italian meatballs - it seems more middle eastern to me. I'd go with Couscous mixed with fresh herbs (mint, basil,- whatever you have on hand), some toasted slivered almonds, and a light lemon, olive oil dressing.
pierino March 24, 2012
Maybe Tom will answer your question but I would be thinking of fideo coils (toasted first in oil and finished in hot stock). Not quite the same as spaghetti but it is a pasta. Chickpeas might be good as well, cooked until tender and then completed with olive oil and fresh rosemary. You can easily infuse the oil with the rosemary and then strain it.
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