Key limes/key line juice in NYC?

Hi, I want to make a key lime pie and it obviously calls for key limes. I've heard Nellie and Joe's bottled juice works great too, but I can't find the limes or the juice here in NY. Any help?

  • Posted by: KatyM
  • July 22, 2012


creamtea July 23, 2012
I checked Fairway (74th & broadway) today, didn't see any fresh key limes, but I did see the bottled Nellie & Joes, downstairs, specialty foods, by the specialty honeys and British imports.
Tony S. July 23, 2012
Can anyone tell the difference between dessets made with key lime juice versus regular lime juice? I have tried both, due to not being able to find key limes, in things like curd, pie, and mousse and I don't think I can tell.
Pegeen July 23, 2012
Sam, here is some info about Persian (Tahiti) limes vs key limes.
JanetFL July 23, 2012
Thanks for the link, Pegeen. After I read Sam's post, I wondered if there were more lime types than the Persian and the Key lime.
LnO July 22, 2012
I have ordered them from Fresh Direct before. Not sure if they carry them year round. Also try Steve's Key Lime Pies in Red Hook. I believe they sell limes (and fantastic pies. Try the one dipped in dark chocolate!)
Peter July 23, 2012
To flesh that out a bit more, the Steve's Key Lime Pies that are in chocolate are mini-pies -- about 6" across, with a popsicle stick in them, dipped in a thick coating of dark chocolate, and them frozen. he calls them "Swingles" and are so good that they should be considered their own food group.
Peter July 22, 2012
Fairway definitely has bottled Nellie & Joe's in the Organic section of the zred Hook Fairway -- I imagine the UWS store has the same product. They also have Santa Cruz bottled lime juice -- not key lime. I'd be interested to see if anyone could tell the difference. (Or for that matter, the difference between bottled and fresh. Hmmm, I smell the makings of a Food52 fresh versus not taste-off.)
Sam1148 July 22, 2012
This is a good place to ask. I know the regular supermarket limes are called 'Persian limes'.
However at my local Middle Eastern Store they had limes as 'persian limes'. but much smaller, rounder with a thin skin and yellow tint--much like a keylime. I asked he said 'those are the real Persian limes'.
They were a bit sweeter than supermarket Persian limes. What was I looking at there?
JanetFL July 22, 2012
I also use Nellie & Joe's successfully when I can't get Key limes. Good luck!
Pegeen July 22, 2012
Dean & DeLuca probably also has the juice and possibly the limmes but you might want to call before making a schlepp anywhere. I've used Nellie & Joe's with good success. Bon appetit!
creamtea July 22, 2012
creamtea July 22, 2012
Fairway has key limes in little bags at the 74th street/Broadway store (are they seasonal?? not sure if they have them now). They are usually in the aisle by the tomatoes but underneath...might have to ask. They may also have the bottled juice. Zabar's definitely has the bottled juice.
KatyM July 22, 2012
Thank you so much!
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