I attempted to make "fool proof ice cream" this weekend. The flavor was great but the texture is was not quite right. It contained fairly large crystals instead of being smooth as I had anticipated. The only alteration that I made to the recipe was to substitute vanilla extract for the vanilla bean. Any suggestions on how to get the texture corrected would be appreciated.



kingdomofjosh November 16, 2010
I did use heavy cream and whole milk. I whipped it in my kitchen aid for 30 minutes as per recipe instructions. I am starting to question if I may have processed it a little too soon as in there is a chance that I did not have it chilled to 40 degrees before I processed it. Thank you all for the info I think I may try & "fix" this batch and incorporate some of these ideas for my next try. I was extremely impressed with the flavor and am really hopeful that I can improve the texture significantly.
drbabs November 16, 2010
Did you use heavy cream and whole milk? Fat content helps the texture. How long did you process it? Sounds like it needs to be processed longer---I think verdigris' suggestion is a good one. You wouldn't want to add more sugar IMO, but sometimes a little alcohol (a Tb or so of vodka or spirit of your choice per quart) can help the consistency and keep the freezing point lower so it doesn't freeze rock hard.
kingdomofjosh November 16, 2010
So the long-term solution is to add more sugar? Or is there a different sugar I should use? I am a little reluctant to have it sweeter.
Verdigris November 16, 2010
Sugar is the key ingredient in the texture of an ice cream. The more sugar in a recipe the smoother and creamier it will be. That being said the process is also important. The whipping has to be done at a very cold temperature and it has to be done long enough to beat in enough air to generate a smooth texture.

To correct what you have, you may be able to pull it out of the freezer. Place it in a bowl and whip it with your mixer and then refreeze. It may take a couple of such sessions. This is the way ice cream can be made when one does not have any sort of ice cream maker.
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