How would you "moisturize" banana bread?

What would add (or increase in the recipe) to make a more moist banana nut bread? I don't have the exact recipe in front of me but it's titled "cream cheese banana nut bread" - and is found on many cooking sites. Thanks in advance!

  • Posted by: AndyFL
  • March 28, 2012


angiegeyser March 28, 2012
This is the recipe I use. The sour cream makes it very moist and delicious! I do however mash the bananas instead of slicing them as the recipe instructs.
bigpan March 28, 2012
Include some apple sauce in the recipe.
Rachel G. March 28, 2012
I use buttermilk in my banana bread...really delicious.
la D. March 28, 2012
I like @Hagerty and @softpunk 's answers as ways to moisten the bread without changing the recipe very much. Recently I made banana nut bread with very very almost too ripe bananas and it was quite moist. So let your bananas ripen as long as you can stand it. :)
AndyFL March 28, 2012
Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll try a few of these next time
softpunk March 28, 2012
Mash the bananas far more than you think you need to -- the extra surface area of truly puréed banana equals extra moisture.
Lela March 28, 2012
Yeah Yeah.. But while the bread is resting
make a simple glaze and poke small holes
into the warm bread. Let the syrup ooze into the warm bread... I like to use an orange liqueur to flavor my mind.. The result is wonderful ..
Merrill S. March 28, 2012
I agree with mrslarkin -- a little vegetable oil will do the trick.
mrslarkin March 28, 2012
using vegetable oil instead of butter will give you a moister anything, pretty much. I would try using half butter, half veg oil, to begin with, and see if you like the result. Good luck!
susan G. March 28, 2012
Use a soured milk product -- sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk, adjusting for baking soda if necessary.
Hagerty March 28, 2012
Add an extra banana
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