If I want to make a loaf bread like banana-nut bread, but without bananas, how much extra liquid do I need to account for the moisture the bananas would have added?



TheThinChef October 29, 2010
I was mostly trying to make a quick bread/loaf bread and figured the banana bread style recipe was the closest to what I wanted to make. Trying to adapt with what I had on hand. Thanks, all!
nutcakes October 29, 2010
I am curious why you would want to take that approach. I'm with vvvanessa on this--find a recipe for applesauce bread, carrot nut bread, pumpkin bread or zucchini nut bread. I make alot of banana bread,and I do sub in applesauce or a fruit puree baby food like apple or peach if I am a little short on bananas, though.
vvvanessa October 25, 2010
I would look for another recipe. The amount of banana in a banana bread recipe is usually quite significant-- at least a cup in most recipes I've seen, which is a lot to tinker with. If you are going to substitute in carrots or applesauce anyway, why not find a recipe that is tailored to those ingredients? It's going to be a lot easier to add nuts to a spice cake or applesauce cake recipe than to try to mess around with the main ingredient.
drbabs October 25, 2010
I agree with aargersi. I would use another pureed fruit (baby food prunes?) or vegetable (I'm thinking winter squash?). Or just increase the fat slightly.
aargersi October 25, 2010
Not sure I would use a liquid as a replacement - I have exchanged applesauce in my recipe (maybe a half cup per banana) and jam (same thing - my jam one came out almost too moist though so might pull back a bit there) ... you could also use something like shredded carrots and/or zucchini which would add some moisture as well.
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