Powdered Sugar HELP

How can I stop powdered sugar from dissolving into my mini donuts?? I made bakes pumpkin donuts and when they were cooled I sprinkled powdered sugar on some and cinnamon/sugar on others. The powdered sugar has dissolved into the donuts and I assume it is because they are so moist. How do I stop this from happening to improve presentation??



Dana S. October 13, 2016
im not sure if you did but youre supposed to sprinkle them as soon as they come out of the oven. Perhaps try dipping the cinnamon sugar ones in a bit of butter then dipping it in the cinnamon sugar mixture. as for the powdered sugar try dipping it when theyre still fresh out of then oven
aargersi October 8, 2016
Seriously, is there ANYTHING you cant get on Amazon?

Kathleen October 8, 2016
Windischgirl October 7, 2016
There is a product specifically for dusting foods such as donuts: Non-melting Topping Sugar. I saw it when I visited the King Arthur store in VT. Wonder if you can find it at a restaurant supply or a cooking store as well.
Kathleen October 8, 2016
Susan W. October 7, 2016
Brian's idea is a good one. You could also make a powdered sugar glaze.
Susan W. October 7, 2016
That is supposed to say Trena's, not Brian's.
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