How long will my Salad Dressing last?

I've recently started making my own salad dressings at home instead of buying at the store, and recently wondered "without a manufacturers recommended expiration date, how long will this last?". Dressing #1 is a Cilantro Lime vinaigrette, and the ingredients are fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, orange juice, minced garlic, EVOO, water, salt & pepper. Dressing #2 is a simple garlic vinaigrette, and the ingredients are red wine vinegar, EVOO, minced garlic, sugar, salt & pepper. I've read horror stories of botulism risk, and want to be sure I don’t inadvertently poison myself or my family! Thanks for the advise!! -LY



LeBec F. April 4, 2012
Maybe because I am older, I am not compulsive about how long things last. I figure I've made it to 60 and never food poisoned myself, so my methods must be o.k.( for me at least).

that said #2 wil last forever. forever. garlic would be the only worry and with the acid of the vinegar, and refrigeration, no worries. forever.

#1-imo, the acid in OJ is not as strong as that in lemon juiice and my dressings and sauces (chipotle orange sour cream) with orange in them- don't last as long as lemon vinaigrettes. My sign for a vinaigrette/sauce going bad: the top of the container bulges up because of the gasses being released by the product. That said, i'd say 1-2 wks on #1. I have a lime cilantro vinaigrette i make amongst the regulars and it has never gone bad- over months; it hass no dairy except parm cheese; basically: cilantro pesto, lime juice, evoo, red wine vinegar.
ChefOno April 4, 2012
Botulism is a danger when garlic is deprived of oxygen, such as when it's stored in oil. Commercial garlic-in-oil preparations are acidified to prevent the problem. The acidity of your dressing should help as will refrigeration. Use the dressing within a week and you should be safe.

However... Lime juice suffers considerably after only hours of exposure to oxygen. It'll taste best the day it's prepared.

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