Whats for dinner? available brown rice, white beans, broccolli, spinach, sweet potato, tofu usual condiments and spices

not necessariy to use everything, prefer warm dish



sheredel April 4, 2012
thank you all, and aagersi loved your response!!
aargersi April 4, 2012
I would roast the sweet potato (cubed) and broccoli and crisp up the tofu (in a skillet) and toss them them with something like toasted cumin, spicy paprika or cayenne, maybe some coriander. I would finish it with lemon and cilantro if you have them. Hmm - actually add the spices to the roasting sweet potato and broccoli. And put the potatoes in first (thinking on the fly here)

I would have a glass of wine

then I would probably have some tea and maybe a little ice cream ....
RebeccaCooks April 4, 2012
If you have a lot of spinach you could make a modified saag paneer, using the tofu instead of paneer.
beyondcelery April 4, 2012
Mash the white beans and sweet potatoes together with 2-3 cloves roasted garlic, drizzling sage-infused olive oil into it as you go.
Cristina S. April 4, 2012
I would say to make a salad using the brown rice, the white beans, and some arugula (if you have it, sub the spinach if you don't), and maybe something crunchy and a little sweet--half an orange pepper chopped fine? Toss it together with a mustard-garlic vinaigrette.

Separately, toss the broccoli with some oo, s+p and more garlic. Roast, then toss in some lemon juice and grated Parmesan.

Finish the meal with roasted sweet potato, maybe amped up with a dusting of paprika or cayenne, a handful of raisins, or a splash of maple syrup.
HalfPint April 4, 2012
Mashed white beans (seasoned with thyme, sage, maybe some lemon zest) on a bed of garlic-sauteed spinach and/broccoli.
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