At what oven temp should I cook 4 thin center cut pork chops and for how long?

Mel Collazo
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I wouldn't put them in the oven. Too thin. Pan sear them on both sides with salt and pepper, splash in some white wine (or whatever liquid goes with the rest of your dinner), scrape up the tasty browned bits, then either turn the heat way down or completely off if they are super thin. Cover. Should be ready in 5 minutes.
pierino April 5, 2012
I will second ChefOno on this. It's not time but meat mass and no two ovens are calibrated exactly the same despite what the dial is set at. I'll also go with the 135F reading for a thin chop. Even better to grill them outside over real wood charcoal.
ChefOno April 5, 2012
Oven temp isn't critical, 375F should work fine. Pull them when the internal temp = 135F on an instant-read thermometer (145F if you want to follow USDA guidelines). Cooking by time is not recommended -- too many variables (starting temp, thickness, etc.)

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