Anybody have a good Mexican (or any type of Latin American) coffee recipe. I was just in Cancún and the coffee was awesome.

Doesn't have to be just Mexican. Any style from Latin America.

  • Posted by: Comfort
  • April 7, 2012


ChefOno April 7, 2012
Is this what you're looking for?

Comfort April 10, 2012
This works too! Thanks to you both!
onedecadelater April 7, 2012
Also strain. Straining is important :)
Comfort April 7, 2012
I was reading up and got basically the same thing except some use brown sugar. I loved the taste of the brown sugar that they gave me instead of granulated. I almost prefer it lol. Thanks!
onedecadelater April 7, 2012
Not necessarily a full-blown recipe, but an explanation of the technique:

I just moved to Queretaro, Mexico from the USA. When I got here I learned how to make coffee the "traditional" way, where you boil water on the stove with a stick or two of cinnamon and a hunk of piloncillo (aka panela), which is a cone of compressed raw sugar. If you can't find piloncillo you can substitute granulated raw sugar to taste. Once the sugar is melted and the cinnamon has imparted its flavor in the water you can add the coffee grounds. Brew and serve, so tasty!
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