cooking bacon

A pizza recipe calls for simmering bacon in water for 2 minutes before putting on top of pizza to be cooked in oven. What is the purpose?



farm T. April 7, 2012
It's also to cut the salt and sugar in the bacon. The sugar can burn under the high heat used in baking a pizza.
Karenmwaters April 7, 2012
Thanks for your help and input!

jmburns April 7, 2012
I agree it is to defeat the bacon. If you don't your pizza would extremely greasy. Think about how much bacon fat is rendered out when you cook bacon. That would now be on your pizza top
jmburns April 7, 2012
Degrease the bacon
Karenmwaters April 7, 2012
It did just that! Thank you!
SKK April 7, 2012
One possible purpose is simmering bacon in the water would pull the fat out of it. It would be more like bacon bits. My nephew the chef posted this recipe for bacon bits from real bacon a while back.
Karenmwaters April 7, 2012
Thank you that makes perfect sense
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