substitute for bacon fat?

Creole dish with chicken and potatoes cooked in dutch oven. It called for bacon but I'd like to to be kosher. Was thinking duck skins but would that be too strong?

Vanina Howan


knitstuff March 28, 2014
I would go with a bit of Crisco and some liquid smoke for the flavor. Crisco will give you more of the bacon fat mouthfeel that may be lacking in scmaltz or chicken skins. Hope this helped!
Janice H. January 13, 2019
Great advice. I know this is some old advice but its still helpful. Now to the store☺. Thanks. Be blessed.

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HalfPint March 26, 2014
Would it still be kosher if you used schmaltz?
HalfPint March 26, 2014
Or chicken skins?
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