Boiled raw bacon in bean soup

Please help I read the recipe wrong and instead of frying bacon before putting it in pot of bean soup I just put the raw bacon into the soup pot ! Is it safe to eat? Is the broth safe To eat ? Is the bacon safe to eat ? It’s been boiling for 15 minutes now but I can’t cook it for too long , the beans will start coming apart. Please help I’m pregnant and don’t want to risk eating bad bacon and bad soup. I’m freaking out .

Cristal Vianney Quintana


HalfPint July 17, 2020
It should be fine. Boiling for 15 minutes will definitely cook the bacon. Your soup is good and safe to eat. I had similar freak outs about food safety when I was pregnant too. Like reading that it was not safe to have ANY deli meats or cheeses (Never read anything online when you're expecting). My OB assured me that deli meats and cheese are fine, except for raw milk products. And that even if I get food poisoning, the baby is well protected in the womb. Good luck and congrats!
Shannon July 17, 2020
Sorry about my spelling on the comment. Tired this morning.
Shannon July 17, 2020
Just read an article from Living Strong. The bacon should be fine to eat. Place look up article. Tells about boiling bacon the American way ant the English way. Sorry that its late answering your question. I was curious myself.
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