Three Scallop+bacon questions

1. I've been looking at diff recipes for scallops and bacon appetizers. Some say to par-cook the bacon first, which would make sense if I'm using a thick-cut bacon, but I purposely bought thinner sliced bacon, and this seems unnecessary to me. Just wondering if others agree?
2. Also, would you add a water chestnut to secure the scallop more firmly and to give the bite a little extra crunch or leave it out?
3. I like the idea of sprinkling some brown sugar/ginger to this, but should I press that into the bacon or just sprinkle on top before cooking? I'm thinking pressing it into the bacon will give it a more attractive finish, but?

Would love to hear your advice/tips. Thank you.

  • Posted by: CL
  • December 23, 2018


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