Help, can I stack 2 briskets on top of each other as my Dutch oven isn't big enough for them to be side by side?



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mbergner April 7, 2012
It can be done but the upper piece will steam instead of braise, if you use more liquid the bottom piece will boil instead of braise. A turkey roasting pan with foil is a better choice...
jmburns April 7, 2012
I think that was my concern also just could not phrase it like that. Covering a roasting pan with foil is a much better idea.
ChefOno April 7, 2012
A roasting pan or even a sheet tray covered with aluminum foil would be better choices.
jmburns April 7, 2012
I don't see why not just concerned about them cooking evenly. If braising how submerged the bottom would be and how out the top would be. Don't think I would personally do it that way but you might give it a try and let us know.
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