I’m buying a lightweight Dutch oven and guessing the middle size is for me. Big enough to casserole roast a chicken?

Henry Fernandez


Gammy November 13, 2018
I have a 5qt. Cuisinart dutch oven and it is large enough for most oven-roasting / braising that I do. Depends of course upon the size of the chicken and how many people you typically cook for... typically just my husband and I here. I know you said lightweight, not sure what brand, but most of the commonly sold enameled dutch ovens are HEAVY so they cook very evenly. Heavy even when empty, now add in a 5-6 pound chicken or roast plus liquid and that pot is now rather unwieldy. Just a second opinion here.
Nancy November 13, 2018
Gammy - you're right. Choice depends on size of hh and of meals/dishes usually cooked
Nancy November 13, 2018
Answer is probably yes.
I know that these Dutch ovens can be costly (in both dollars and space) but consider - if it's your only covered ovenproof pan - getting one larger than for just the chicken, e.g. 7 to 9 quarts. It will allow you to make other things (odd- shaped or big roasts, two chickens, vegetables all around, etc.)
See this post from chowhound which I found helpful.
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