Great dinner spot between NYC and Aurora, NY?

My boyfriend and I will be driving from New York City-Aurora, NY (on Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes) next Friday after work. We would like to stop somewhere for dinner about half way there. I would appreciative any advice on local gems. Many thanks!

Cristina Sciarra


mrslarkin April 18, 2012
Yay! Glad you found something. It looks really cute. That opening quote on their website is awesome.
Cristina S. April 18, 2012
Hello all,

I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions. In the end, we got on the road later than planned, so we stopped in a city called Binghamton,smack dab in the middle of our journey. We stumbled into a restaurant called the Lost Dog Cafe (, and it turned out to be delicious! (Not surprisingly, sooooo much cheaper than NYC, we had some sticker shock when the bill arrived.) I recommend it to anyone passing through Route 80-81.

Thanks again :)
Raquelita April 10, 2012
Maybe I went to the wrong diner in Roscoe, but it seemed like a standard, (and overpriced) diner to me. Did I make a wrong turn? Definitely not trying to start any trouble, but seems like the crowd on Food52 often seeks out something unique and innovative, and I wouldn't say the RD fit that description, if it's where I stopped last summer.
mrslarkin April 10, 2012
Roscoe Diner is definitely not a unique and innovative eatery. But after a very long drive with 2 hungry-cranky kids, sometimes all you need is a quick bite, a clean bathroom, and a place to stretch. The Roscoe Diner has been perfect for us. We've always had good, standard diner food and friendly service. Also, that part of Route 17 is crazy-scenic along the Beaverkill River, and we like to support the local economy when we're passing through.
Tarragon April 9, 2012
I love the Roscoe Diner (refer to Mrslarkin's response above)!
Raquelita April 9, 2012 is a great service--you can download the app or just use the website
wssmom April 9, 2012
Will you be driving through Pennsylvania, along Route 80?
Cristina S. April 9, 2012
Yes! Route 80, and then 81.
mrslarkin April 9, 2012
We usually stop in beautiful Roscoe, NY, on our way up when visiting family in Syracuse. Pretty sure it's not classified as fine dining, but it's perfect for a pit stop!
Cristina S. April 9, 2012
Thanks, mrslarkin! Is there a particular establishment you like in Roscoe?
mrslarkin April 9, 2012
The Roscoe Diner is pretty much our regular stop. Buffalo Zach's Cafe looks like a lot of fun.
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