how do you cook steel cut oats?

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Raquelita April 20, 2012
I asked this a few weeks ago--and the best advice I got (thanks, Hotliners!) was in starting them overnight. I don't have a crock pot, but I got into a habit of simmering for a few minutes the night before, letting them sit on the stove, covered (burner off...) overnight. In the AM I would add as much more liquid as I wanted, flax meal (a must for my morning oatmeal), dried fruits, spices and heat up again on a low burner while I got ready for my day. That way it didn't take any more effort than my regular rolled oats, which I cook starting in the morning as I shower and get dressed, cooked over low heat with the rest of that fun stuff.

Short answer: lots of water and goodies, for a long time with low heat. Salt is your friend.
Shuna L. April 10, 2012
I prefer to start my oats in cold water with a dash of sea or Kosher salt. If I want them very soft I cook them longer & stir often, if I want them with a bite, I do the opposite. One can even whisk them in the beginning a bit to make sure they don't clump. You may also soak them in cold water overnight so in the morning they take much less time to cook.
aargersi April 10, 2012
it's a 4-1 liquid to oats ratio. Bring liquid to a boil, add oats, and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Instructions should be on the can
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