I am making dinner for a large group of people tonight an would like to do green beans as a side. Normally I use canned but I'd like to do fr

How many pounds should I get for twelve people.

  • Posted by: MD BBQ
  • April 11, 2012


ATG117 April 11, 2012
I would highly suggest doing fresh. Canned green beans, unlike canned starchy beans, are not compatible with the real deal and they don't taste very good in my humble opinion.
HalfPint April 11, 2012
3 lbs should be enough for 12 people, if it's one of 2+ sides. 4-5lbs if it's the only side dish.
JulieS April 11, 2012
I never measure or weigh my veggies, I just give it my best guess. Just throw a good handful into the produce bag (per guest). And then throw in one extra for good luck. I always consider that handful to be a portion and it always serves me well. I always have enough to go around.
cookbookchick April 11, 2012
Frozen green beans will be much better than canned.
MD B. April 11, 2012
Fresh got cut off! I'd like to do fresh beans instead of canned. However, I doubt anyone but me at this dinner will care if they are fresh or canned.
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