Better Portobello marinade?

Tonight I marinated some portobellos in 1 part balsamic, 1 part soy sauce, and 2 parts olive oil (with some garlic & herbs thrown in). I added no salt b/c of the soy sauce. I marinated them for two hours, and although they came out OK, they were still under seasoned for my palate. Wondering if I should have upped the soy sauce component or just marinated longer? I worried that the acid in the balsamic might start to break down the mushrooms if I left them longer. Any thoughts?

Kristen W.


Pegeen April 1, 2012
I add a couple tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce for the extra seasoning kick. If I am sauteing the mushrooms in strips, I don't bother to marinate. Just simmer them very low in the sauce until it absorbs and thickens.
Cannizzo April 1, 2012
Mushrooms are like a sponge just 30 min in the marinate I do balsamic olive oil garlic fresh thyme
Salt black pepper and red pepper flakes
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