49ers pancake recipe

I am looking for a recipe for 49ers, which are pancakes made at Walker Brothers and The Original Pancake House. Does anybody have a tried and true recipe for these pancakes? I am asking on behalf of a friend, so I don't have any additional info. Many thanks!



sfmiller April 18, 2012
There's a video from Bay Area TV segment that gives some clues. Doesn't provide the restaurant's recipe, but something similar that uses both sourdough starter and chemical leavening. A much looser batter than a typical sourdough pancake--nearly as loose as crepe batter.

susan G. April 17, 2012
Is there a menu description? 49'ers implies sourdough. Even if the restaurant won't provide the recipe (likely), they should be able to answer a few questions -- does it have eggs? does it have dairy? -- these questions would need to be answered for someone with dietary restrictions.
allans April 16, 2012
I've asked this same question before and never got a definitive answer. If you find out, please let me know. I'm going to ask directly at my next visit. I love them and they are difficult to describe to someone who has never had them.
mrslarkin April 16, 2012
I've never heard of that pancake! But there are tons of links if you do a google..Good luck!
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