Does anyone know where I can buy local organic ramps? I live in NE Atlanta, GA.

I want to make risotto with aspargus, peas and ramps. I haven't seen any ramps in my local stores or markets. I know Ramp season is short, so if you live in Atlanta area and have found some, please let me know ASAP. If not ramps, can I substitute green onions or leeks? Thx!

  • Posted by: atlacm1
  • April 16, 2012


Jill April 23, 2018
I used to find them for maybe 2 weeks, at SANTA Monica’s (California) farmers market on Wednesday’s, along with morels. To this day the morel, ramp risotto I made was the best ever! If you find them here, let me know. Can possibly call some chefs of top restaurants and see... just a thought. Good luck. Yum!
ChefJune April 17, 2012
"Organic" ramps? Ramps grow wild and are a foraged vegetable. I doubt you will ever find them labeled "Organic."

Also, with this super-early Spring, I'm guessing ramps are finished in Atlanta, GA. We may have one or two more weeks of them in New York, then bye-bye for another year. I know. So sad.
Maedl April 17, 2012
Keep looking at your farmers' market. Could be you have already missed them since you are further south them I am (DC). We have had them for three Sundays now at our farmers market and they are coning from West Virginia, which is probably a bit less advanced into spring than we are. And yes, you can substitute leeks or other onions for the ramps, but the taste is not the same!
TiggyBee April 17, 2012
Can you find spring onions? They're purple at the bulb. I live in California and have yet to see a ramp at my farmer's market. Hope that helps, don't fret...I've subbed leeks before and it worked fine.
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