I bought an oregon truffle at the farmers market on sunday, I want to shave it over risotto, but I'm wondering if a super robust mushroom or sausage risotto would drown out the flavor of the truffle. I have never used a truffle in cooking before, should I stick to a more delicate flavored risotto like leek, parmesan, peas and maybe proscuitto? does it matter?



anyone November 10, 2010
@Pikawicca. Are you under the impression someone was taking a poll on truffles? The idea here is to be helpful not stupid. Who cares what your opinion is. If your have something useful to say then say it. Otherwise don't. Your post was rude and you didn't even come close to answering the question. A good example would be Mr. Vittles. Who cares what your opinion is on oregon truffles. Give advice that can help.
pierino November 10, 2010
....another comment, truffles have a very short shelf life. If you bought it Sunday use it NOW!
pierino November 10, 2010
I have to second pikawicca on this one. I've tasted 'em, don't like 'em. That said, don't waste it. Shave it over hot pasta or risotto, but there's no getting around the fact that Oregon truffles are nothing close to the Italian and French heritage. Now they do have pretty damn good morels and chanterelles in Oregon but it's a tale of two different funghi.
pikawicca November 10, 2010
Sorry, but I think Oregon truffles suck. They don't taste anything like the real deal.
Mr_Vittles November 10, 2010
My advice would be make the truffle the star of the show. Make a simple but delicious Risotto Bianco: butter, shallot, white wine, arborio rice, and chicken stock. The pinnacle of simple delicious-ness.
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