Using bean stock

Good morning! I am making escarole and bean soup. I have a container of bean stock, from a previous recipe which said to save the stock the beans were cooked in for a later use. Any opinions on using that instead of a chicken or vegetable stock in the soup. Not sure if it would be too beanny?

Lucia from Madison


Nancy H. October 17, 2013
Bean stock, like any stock, should always be refrigerated unless it is to be used right away.
trampledbygeese October 17, 2013
Good point, glad you brought it up. I agree that these days, one should always use a fridge for storing this kind of liquid.

1) our immune system generally isn't as strong as our ancestors and cannot handle the bacterial overload and
2) the knowledge to store this safely without canning or refrigeration is all but extinct in North America.
trampledbygeese October 17, 2013
I was just reading in The Book of Miso that bean stock can go off quickly in warm weather. It made me think of this thread, so I thought I would share what it says.

"From November until early April, soybean cooking liquid gives excellent results and helps make full use of the soybean nutrients. However, if the miso is prepared during the warm half of the year, water should be used since the soybean cooking liquid may encourage spoilage."

Keep in mind, this passage is talking about soy bean liquid, specifically for miso making, but it states elsewhere in the book that it applies to most beans and other applications (fermented and non-fermented) of the bean water.

My interpretation is that if you are using the bean liquid right away, then there isn't any problem, but one should be careful if storing it for more than a day in warm weather. Or if you do store it, cook it before you eat it.
Nancy H. October 16, 2013
Exactly what I would have said to do--the bean stock will give great richness of flavor and, of course, make a soup that's terrific for vegetarians.
susan G. October 13, 2013
Did you use only bean stock, or did you dilute it with water or another stock?
Lucia F. October 13, 2013
The soup came out delicious!
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