Can you make a properly browned roux with rice flour?

Pengyew is shooting for a gluten-free gumbo. The fat is in the pot.

  • Posted by: billy
  • April 18, 2012


D321 August 19, 2019
I can get a dark chocolate roux with Bob's Rob Mill Organic White Rice Flour. There a low of level of grittiness, but it seems acceptable.
beyondcelery April 19, 2012
@le bec fin: I haven't found my roux to be gritty with sweet rice flour. It's very finely ground, which helps to keep that from happening. It's almost as fine as a starch. Brown rice flour is coarse in comparison. I'm glad it helped!
rt21 April 18, 2012
I have used potato starch, I was making chicken pot pie and it had to be gluten free
beyondcelery April 18, 2012
Sweet rice flour works best for me, but I've never tried to get it to be well-browned, just a bit browned. Sweet rice flour thickens well and doesn't clump up as readily as regular wheat flour. I usually use slightly less sweet rice flour than usual and more fat than the recipe calls for. Other rice flours don't thicken as well as sweet rice flour--you're more likely to end up with a gritty mush.
LeBec F. April 19, 2012
bc, does sweet rice flour make for a gritty roux? thx much for this education; v helpful!
hardlikearmour April 18, 2012
I've seen recipes that call for white rice flour or sweet rice flour. Some do talk about getting the roux dark. I suspect the brown rice flour will work, but haven't tried it.
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