Gluten Free Panko Sub

I love the light and airy crispiness of panko for pan frying. Has anyone found an equally good gluten-free substitute for this? I have bought packaged products but they were disappointing and had added flavors that I didn't want. I also experimented with whirring a few rice crackers in my mini processor but the result was sort of a sturdy crunch- not the best! Any brilliant ideas?



Crispini April 19, 2012
Thanks so much for the ideas! I live on the rural Oregon coast, so some of the specialty gluten free products are only available online, and usually expensive just to try. I'll definitely try grinding brown rice to a powder and also the medium grind cornmeal. It's always nice to discover creative solutions using commonly available ingredients.
beyondcelery April 19, 2012
I find bread crumbs that are already lightly toasted work pretty well. It still isn't the same as panko, but it's close. Crushed rice crackers kind of works, though for some reason I have trouble with them burning or at least cooking unevenly. I like to use a medium grind cornmeal, though it's still heavier than panko. Now I'm interested in that packaged gluten-free panko!
Author Comment
Whole Foods does sell a gluten-free panko in a package that has served me well. I like your rice cracker idea, very intriguing. I keep a coffee grinder just for grains and spices and will often grind brown rice to a powder to dust fish or chicken with. It gives a nututy element and a nice crunch.
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