Creative uses for panko?

I came into possession of a really big bag of panko. I rarely fry or make breaded foods. Can you think of other dishes that call for panko or innovative ways to use it?



Micki B. December 11, 2015
Mei Mei's kale salad! (Mei Mei is an awesome food truck/restaurant in Boston)
cookbookchick December 11, 2015
Wow, what a great thread! Lots of good ideas for the bags (yes, more than one) of panko I have hanging around. Thanks all!
LeBec F. December 10, 2015
SASH, bread crumbs as filler; bread crumbs as binder; bread crumbs as crust:
-combine with melted butter and pat into quiche shell;bake;fill w/ quiche filling
--combine with minced clams ro shrimp etc.,egg, mayo, scallion, jalapenos, cilantro for baked clam fritters or stuffed clams
--soak in milk, combine with toasted almonds and pine nuts, parsley, lemon, evoo, garlic for moroccan taratour sauce
--combine with parm and melted butter as broiled topping for cassoulet or other stews
--combine w/ evoo and pan-toast to use for crunch in salads
scruz December 10, 2015
i sometimes oil my casserole dish and then let panko stick to it before i put my mac and cheese ingredients in. it makes all sides of the mac and cheese crunchy.
Susan W. December 10, 2015
What a good idea. This thread has me craving and making mac & cheese for dinner. I'm going to do this with my panko.
Droplet December 10, 2015
Here are a few great recipes from around here that use up a good deal of crumbs:
I, too, often have an abundance of crumbs...
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 10, 2015
In addition to the above Foodr2 recipes:
drbabs Cripspettes
Foxesloveslemons' Spicy Korean meatballs (just made then AGAIN on Sunday!)
Susan W. December 10, 2015
Toasted in oil or butter, panko makes an awesome topping for Mac and cheese.
amysarah December 10, 2015
A good way to use Panko - make pangrattatto, "poor man's parmigiana," for pasta: Very tasty.
Nancy December 10, 2015
Make savory or sweet version of bread pudding (use panko instead of bread cubes);
Use panko to line baking pans for cakes and souffle pans for souffles;
Make dumplings for soup (use panko instead of matzo meal to make Japanese matzo balls);
Mix with some sliced or crushed nuts, a few chopped herbs & a bit of oil or butter to coat fish fillets before baking them;
Mix with cornmeal to make a version of cornbread.
If none appeal, and the bag is intact, take to your local food bank collection point.
702551 December 10, 2015
Also, you could make a lot of gratins, casseroles, etc. and top with the bread crumbs.
EmilyC December 10, 2015
I love crisping them in olive oil with garlic and using them as a crunchy topping for roasted vegetables. I sometimes will add lemon zest and parsley for a play on gremolata.
702551 December 10, 2015
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