Leftover Cooked King Salmon

I have several pounds of leftover cooked king salmon. I'm looking for some ideas to use it. Also, do you think I could successfully freeze it?

  • Posted by: SallyM
  • September 30, 2012


ChefJune October 1, 2012
There are quite a few things you can do with already cooked salmon. My grandma used to make salmon patties with canned salmon, some chopped cooked onion,matzo meal and eggs. I've done the same with leftover cooked salmon. YUM! also mix with some chopped celery and scallions, a little mayo, makes for a tasty sandwich.

As well as the above mentioned items.
HalfPint October 1, 2012
Make salmon kedgeree: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/nigella-lawson/asian-spiced-kedgeree-recipe/index.html
louisez September 30, 2012
also -- i've successfully frozen salmon and salmon corn chowders.
louisez September 30, 2012
how about salmon chowder or salmon corn chowder (especially since fresh corn is still around at farmer's markets) ?
SeaJambon September 30, 2012
Or as a top of a green salad ... with mayo and other seasonings in a sandwich (think tuna salad sandwich, goes way upscale!) ... mashed in a dip with light seasonings... sprinkled on top of a fettucini alfredo ... lots of choices! Mmmm... and lovely King, too! Whatever you do, don't throw it out!
healthierkitchen September 30, 2012
I also put some on udon or soba noodles with a little miso broth and some greens for lunch.
healthierkitchen September 30, 2012
I've never frozen cooked salmon - I wonder how that would work out. I do have a salmon cake recipe here:
http://food52.com/recipes/7208_salmon_cakes_for_a_busy_week, and the salmon kedgeree recipe on this site looks great! But you'll be eating salmon every day unless you invite some friends or have a huge family.
Benny September 30, 2012
salmon cakes is a great idea. Also, I've tossed left over salmon in a creamy pasta with mushrooms before and it was pretty good.
LucyS September 30, 2012
Maybe salmon cakes? I don't have a recipe but I'm sure you could find one. Also cold salmon is great for lunch. I like to make a sauce of some combo of yogurt and sour cream (all yogurt is fine), with chopped cucumber, salt, a bit of vinegar or lemon, and lots of dill. Use it as a binding agent for shredded salmon.
SallyM September 30, 2012
Yes - this is already cooked salmon - sorry for not including that...
healthierkitchen September 30, 2012
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