Salmon poached in unsalted butter.

I had this in a restaurant once and now this is my preferred way to cook salmon. (I add a little brown sugar, coarse salt and lemon slices.) My husband is now watching his weight. My question is, does the butter get absorbed into the salmon or does it remain only on the outside of the salmon when it is poached in butter?

  • Posted by: Trifin
  • October 29, 2019


PHIL October 30, 2019
You could poach in olive oil, calories would probably be the same but no saturated fat. Or try this:
boulangere October 29, 2019
If you've grown accustomed to the sweetness with your salmon, you could substitute honey, and simply use no more than half as much.
Lori T. October 29, 2019
The fish will absorb some of the butter, yes. Exactly how much is hard to say, and of course, there will be whatever clings to the surface. If you remove the fish from the poaching butter with a slotted spoon and then pat it dry all over with an absorbent towel you would remove a great deal of that. If it were me, I would omit the sugar and not worry so much about the small amount of fat the salmon would retain.
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