Can anyone suggest good recipes for left over roast pork? I bought a huge joint and have used some of it in salads but I fancy something hot for the rest of it.

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Ms. T. November 18, 2010
Cubano sandwiches: pork, thin slices of ham, Swiss cheese or gruyere, good Dijon mustard, thin slices of pickle on crusty white bread; grill in panini press ( I don't have one, so I grill in a skillet and use my tea kettle to smoosh it flat.) Carmelized onions are a good addition, though not traditional Cubano.
French F. November 18, 2010
all the above sound lovely - I'm salivating and its hard to pick one of them :-) I think the deciding factor is ingredients - our little local supermarkets only stock seasonal food and its almost impossible to find 'foreign' food ie bean sprouts and gochujang . Even coriander is hard to find here!
vvvanessa November 17, 2010
i cut it into matchsticks along with similarly cut carrots,cucumber, and bean sprouts, toss with thin rice or mung bean noodles, and season with soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, cilantro, and green onions. serve it warm or not warm, maybe wrapped in a lettuce leaf, maybe not.
spiffypaws November 17, 2010
Make a whole wheat pasta dish. Lots of herbs, white wine, deglaze the roasting pan if it still has the drippings, if not use some chicken stock.
Kitchen B. November 17, 2010
Pan-fried (gently warmed) pork with apple sauce.
pierino November 17, 2010
Tacos with chopped onions, lettuce, tomato, cilantro (coriander leaf) and crema Mexicana.
mrslarkin November 17, 2010
I'd make pork fried rice, fo sho!
innoabrd November 17, 2010
How about a nice hash with grated potatoes, maybe some eggs, and the seasonings of your fancy (worcestershire sauce, pimenton, lots of black pepper, gochujang, heck some people even like catchup). Fry it up and clog your arteries!
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