White rice beans

I bought these beans at Whole Foods and looked through my extensive cookbook collection . I found only one recipe in Deborah Madison's vegetarian cookbook. I also googled them on the Internet. Does anyone have a good recipe for them.



Pamela_in_Tokyo March 12, 2015

I found this on the Internet.

The ricebean seems to be related to the Japanese Adzuki bean and the Chinese Mung bean, although the ricebeans is very small. Japan now imports tons and tons of red ricebeans from Thailand to be used in Japanese sweets along with the Adzuki bean. Also, all of these beans, including the Aduzki bean seem to be related to the field pea.

The ricebean requires no soaking. It can be added to uncooked rice and cooked along with it.

Taxonomy and origin
This section is taken from Lawn (1995) except where stated.

Like other Asiatic Vigna species, ricebean belongs to the subgenus Ceratotropis (Mar�chal et al, 1978). Within the various cultivated species in this subgenus there appear to be three more-or-less isolated secondary gene pools: radiata (mungbean, green gram)-mungo (black gram, urd bean), domesticated in India; umbellata (ricebean)-angularis (adzuki bean), domesticated in SE Asia and NE Asia respectively; and aconitifolia (moth bean, mat bean)-tribolata (pillipesara bean, jungle bean), domesticated in S Asia. Vigna glabrens is thought to be a cross between V. radiata and V. umbellata, domesticated in SE Asia. The centre of diversity and presumably of origin of ricebean in Indo-China – it is thought to be derived from the wild species V. umbellata var. gracilis, found naturally from southern China through the north of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand into Burma and India, and which is thought to be cross-fertile (Tomooka et al, 1991).

jmburns April 26, 2012
Check on ranchogordo.com. They might have a recipe for them. They are dried bean purveyors
Maedl April 26, 2012
I googled and this site popped up: http://www.zursunbeans.com/beans/

White rice beans are the last beans on the bean list--and there are also green rice beans.
carolcamille April 29, 2012
This is great; I found the white rice beans with chile in their cookbook!
Maedl April 26, 2012
Sounds like you could cook them as you do lentils.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 26, 2012
Are these the beans? I'm intrigued b/c I'm looking for more options for GF meals. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/2646
carolcamille April 26, 2012
They are smaller than the great northerns,cannelllini,etc. On thebin, it said to cook them for 40 minutes so I will do that and then proceed with some other white bean recipe.
Maedl April 26, 2012
I never heard of them, but there are myriad bean varieties. Are they simply black beans renamed? Beans are pretty interchangeable in recipes so I would use them for any recipe that calls for beans of a similar size.
carolcamille April 26, 2012
No,they are not black; they look like white rice grains , only bigger! I think you are right about cooking them like any other small bean. Thanks for the answer.
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