Yemeni white kidney bean recipe/cookbook

I went with a friend to a Yemeni restaurant for lunch. I had 2 white kidney bean dishes that were amazing. On the menu, the dishes were referred to as: soft white kidney beans topped with tomato, and crusty white kidney beans. I would love to make these at home. Anyone know a recipe or a good cookbook? When I asked the server at the restaurant he just looked at me blankly.

  • Posted by: Sweets
  • September 10, 2013


Diana B. September 12, 2013
This doesn't have any crusty white beans on top, but does it sound similar?
Sweets September 12, 2013
It seems a little blander than what I ate, but maybe I'll try the recipe this weekend. Thanks for pointing out the website!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 12, 2013
Good luck, and please report back, both dishes sound great.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 12, 2013
Perhaps it would be worth trying to contact the restaurant in hopes of getting someone more willing to share recipes or point you in a helpful direction?
Sweets September 12, 2013
Thanks. I have plans to go back there next week. I am hoping to get the names of the dishes so I can at least search for a recipe on the Internet.
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