Eating gluten free

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beyondcelery April 26, 2012
As Ophelia says, it's really not too bad with all the recipes and mixes now available. Did you have a specific question relating to the gluten-free diet or a specific recipe?

Hidden sources of gluten on labels: modified food starch, soy sauce, unspecified "flour" or "thickener" or "thickening agent." Always read every label, no matter how often you've had the product. Product ingredients change occasionally and not always for the better.

Good resources:
My blog, where I post completely gluten-free recipes:

Also, remember to always have good safe snacks available, especially as you make the transition to gluten-free. You'll feel hungry a lot more and you're likely to end up with accidental gluten if you have to resort to a food cart or vending machine.
Good luck and be healthy!
Ophelia April 26, 2012
Is quite easy, with an arsenal of already gluten-free recipes or easily changed recipes (leave the noodles out of the chicken soup, replace with rice) and the current abundance of gluten-free mixes, substitutes and ready to eat products.
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