Need veggie side dish reccomendation. Making cola-braised ham, sweet corn pudding. Maybe asparagus? Braised collards? Help!



LeBec F. April 28, 2012
i think you want to think about 2 things:
*not something sweet because you already have 2 sweet mains
* texture- not something soft because you alrdy have that with the corn dish.

Unsweetened green beans or sauteed greens would be my choice. Flavors of both would work.
As to greens, i think spinach and swiss chard are too soft for this menu, and I prefer sauteed kale to collards myself, but that's up to you.
LeBec F. April 28, 2012
p.s. okra is a great idea too>> crunchy.
Sam1148 April 27, 2012
A cabbage slaw/salad is a nice crisp addition to ham and corn pudding.
Make it 'angel hair cut' and dress it with either a lime/olive oil dressing. Or a creamy base dressing that's a mix of Italian vinaigrette, some tomato paste/or ketchup and sugar, and a creamy element like mayo or yogurt.

Desert: Banana pudding or oatmeal cookies.
amysarah April 27, 2012
I'd also go with the collards - or some other kind of greens - braised with a hamhock, or bacon, or something piggy. Alternately, green beans, treated similarly, maybe with some tomato thrown in - you could do a more 'modern' crisp version, but with that menu, I'd go for green beans your grandmother would love. A little something pickled would be a good counterpoint to the richness too.
ATL April 27, 2012
Asparagus would be nice. You could marinate it in a sharp vinaigrette--not too strong as to detract from the flavor of the asparagus--and for a pretty presentation serve it with marinated halved red and yellow grape tomatoes spilled over the the top.
ChefJune April 27, 2012
Well, I'd probably do collards with that menu. You can't go wrong there. :)
Louisa April 27, 2012
Yes, collards and grits or cornbread...
pierino April 27, 2012
Grits. Red beans and rice. OKRA! (not Oprah). Of course I'm one of those cooks who doesn't need to see a salad arranged around every meal.
Summer O. April 27, 2012
peas with mint and butter, broccoli salad, zucchini ribbons with parsley pesto, green beans with dill, tomato salad a green slaad with strawberries, pecans and goat cheese
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