I have a ton of fresh curry leaves - what should I do with them?



Panfusine June 4, 2011
you could dry them in the shade just sandwich the leaves between kitchen towels & lay a spatter guard over it & allow it to dry out completely. & then use it as you need for almost any Indian dish.
A simple relish with curry leaves (its really not one of those recipes you find in restaurants, more like something cobbled up at homes for a quick relish in south India ( where curry trees grow like weeds) :
1 cup curry leaves, 1/4 cup fresh ginger, Juice of 1 lime, toasted cumin, 2 green chiles (adjust as per taste) and salt to taste, process these in a food processor till smooth. it pairs well with toasted crostini (but thats just me and my crazy palate)
Amanda H. June 4, 2011
Lucky you! They freeze well, so why not wrap and freeze a bunch of them now? I'd suggest picking up Maya Kaimal's book on south Indian cooking, "The Spice Coast of India" -- lots of recipes call for curry leaves. Also, hopefully, pauljoseph, a food52er, who lives in Cochin, will weigh in here.
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