looking for a recipie for a Roman style fish "soup".

Uses chunks of fleshy white fish (haddock, cod, etc), tomatoes , raisins, maybe 2 or 3 nutmeg cloves, lots of very wilted onions...Saw it on a cooking show years ago and have lost it...And it was SOOOO good. Don't remember if there were other ingredients. It was simple to make... Sweat sliced onions in olive oil til soft and golden including 3 whole cloves of nutmeg, then remove nutmeg and add in maybe garlic?, then either a big can of tomatoes or fresh ones cut up (can't remember), simmer a while, then add 1 inch chunks of fish, cook a while longer then add raisins which have been soaking in a little warm water the whole time (squeeze out the water). Then don't cook very long. Something between a soup and a chowder, but primary ingredients are fish and tomatoes.

I almost have it, but dont recall proportions or various cook times. It is really, really easy and very very good. Hope you can help me.

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inpatskitchen May 9, 2012
This is the closest recipe I could find. Hope it helps!

Nozlee S. May 9, 2012
I sadly can't help with finding the recipe you're looking for specifically, but your synopsis of it sounds truly fantastic -- let us know how it turns out if you end up testing out your memory of the recipe!
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