Freezing leeks/onions/mushrooms?

I made a yummy onion/leek/mushroom sauté thing to serve with steak tonight. It made way more than we'll eat. Can I freeze it for a dinner I'm having next week (thinking it would make a good snack on some crostini with goat cheese) or will it last in the fridge a week? I sautéed onions, leeks, and creminis until they were all soft and melty if the method matters. Thanks!



ATG117 March 11, 2012
Due to their water content, mushrooms and onions change their texture once frozen. That said I think you are in better shape since they are already sauteed. I would use what you can throughout the week; it should keep well in a sealed container. Then freeze what you don't get through. You have nothing to lose at that point.
MTMitchell March 11, 2012
Great -- thanks! We'll eat it tonight and I'll freeze it and see what happens (I'm gone all week for work). And that's true - I have nothing to lose!
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