Home Made Yogurt Failure

I apologize if this got posted twice, but I could not find my original post. Anyway, I tried making yogurt, and it did not work. My question is whether the milk is safe to use in hot dishes. It was kept at 120 degrees for about nine hours before being put in the fridge.

  • Posted by: NealB
  • May 6, 2012


petitbleu May 7, 2012
What kind of starter did you use? Powdered or some pre-made yogurt? I prefer using a powdered yogurt culture for more consistent results. Also, the kind of milk you use will affect the final product--skim versus whole; goat versus cow; raw versus pasteurized. To get a thicker yogurt next time, try holding the milk at 180 degrees F for 30 minutes before bringing it back down to 120. You can also add some dried milk powder for a creamier texture.
I have a handy little gadget called a Yogotherm--it's an insulating container that works wonders and requires no electricity. It has reliably produced almost perfect yogurt every time I use it.
But yes, this time, you'll probably want to just throw the milk away, unfortunately.
ReneePussman May 6, 2012
I would say the milk is a goner.
boulangere May 6, 2012
How did you make your yogurt that didn't turn out?
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