Lemon bars as a tart? Help!

I want to make my lemon bar recipe as a tart. I know I need to adjust baking time (9x13-->9 in round) but can I otherwise make them as usual? I'm concerned because I've found that most bar recipes call for flour and most tart recipes do not.

  • Posted by: KatyM
  • December 14, 2012


cwya December 22, 2012
Are you guys talking about a torte pan? Tarts are generally small filled pastry shells but if you're converting a lemon bar recipe are you layering? If not then I would increase curd filling not reduce to make a tart but you could also do crust curd crust curd possibly on a 9" base. Lazy Mary's tart looks like a torte to me but I'm older so come from an era very different from today since I have some antique family recipes.
minibakersupreme December 14, 2012
I concur with the above answer! At work, we make them in a shallow pan similar to a tart pan with stellar results. Baking time shouldn't be the biggest factor, just make sure you size down your recipe a bit, or you will have lots of the "curd" filling left over. Of course, you could always make some mini tarts! Good luck!
lloreen December 14, 2012
I would think the only difference would be the shape you are cutting them in. And you have to think about the sweetness if you are going to serve larger pieces. I would cut down a little on the sugar unless you plan to serve small slivers. Take a look at Lazy Mary's Lemon tart recipe to see a delicious lemon tart that is really similar to a lemon bar. I have made it with great success, and I am not a baker.
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