what can I make with carrots, suede, red pepper, potatoes, eggs, flour, milk,



Maedl May 9, 2012
Perhaps a gratin? I wouldn't use eggs, though.
mensaque May 9, 2012
A nice jacket...No,sorry!I would boile the eggs hard,place potatoes slices on a roasting dish with salt,spices and some milk,then sauté the vegetables and lay them on top along with the eggs,sliced or crushed.The flour and some butter would become a roux as base to a bechamel sauce...there goes some more milk.Put some grated cheese on top of everything and put it in the oven for 30 to 45 min.on medium heat.
Quinciferous May 9, 2012
You could make a frittata: roast the vegetables, season some eggs and bake the mixture with some cheese if you have it. Add a pie crust and you have quiche. Or it sounds like you might be able to cobble together some fritters...

(I am assuming/hoping that suede is swede, or rutabaga?)
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