Wondering if anyone has tried making chocolate mousse the night before serving, did it stay fluffy or did fall and weep?

Trying to figure out the timetable for Christmas morning. Since it doesn't have gelatin, it's whipped egg whites and whipped cream, not sure if it'll hold well for lunch the next day. Any advice would be appreciated!



kimhw December 22, 2012
When I got interrupted while making mousse I covered tightly with Saran Wrap and put in the fridge still in the mixing bowl.
The next day I uncovered, whipped for a quick minute and served. It was perfect.
louisez December 22, 2012
the herve this chocolate mousse is a great option.
SeaJambon December 21, 2012
I've actually held mousse (not intentionally -- stuff happened that delayed serving) for two days in the fridge relatively successfully (plastic wrap right on top, directly on the mousse). Tasted great -- didn't notice the "freshness" but then again, I also put a pretty good whipped cream topping on it. Yes, it will keep just fine.
boulangere December 21, 2012
I have an industrial-strength chocolate mousse recipe that will hold up for 4 hours on a buffet line, if necessary, but the difference between 4 hours and overnight is significant. Kristen's suggestion to prep your ingredients the night before is wonderful. And be sure to build in enough time for it to set up for a bit in the fridge before serving.
Waverly December 21, 2012
I've made chocolate mousse the day before Christmas and served it for lunch the next day. Kristen is right. It does hold up just fine overnight, BUT, it didn't look as "fresh" the next day. I was probably the only person to notice that.
Kristen M. December 21, 2012
This mousse tends to hold pretty well in the fridge, but to be safe, could you make it the morning of? It's pretty simple -- and you could even prep everything the night before.
SouthernSnacker December 21, 2012
Thank you so much, that was my instinct, but thought I'd float it by y'all.
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