Does anyone know where i can buy Surströmming online ? The one site i have found is just a dead link.

  • Posted by: zedsded
  • November 17, 2010


WileyP June 8, 2016
Be sure to let us know before you open it, so we can be sure to be upwind!
Zizheng D. June 6, 2016
i am in sweden, i sell it. there are few brands of surströmming, and there is whole fish and fish fillet, 300gram, 475gram, 1000gram, the fee is different with different weight for shippment
sanmic October 30, 2011
sanmic August 24, 2014
Updated address:
fiveandspice November 18, 2010
Here's another option, in English!
Table9 November 17, 2010 - must do a little translating
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