Substitute for mayo in the ATK shrimp burger recipe

I'd like to make the shrimp burger recipe from Cook's Illustrated but am loathe to buy mayonnaise just for that. Can I make my own using egg and oil?



Smaug April 26, 2017
I can't abide the stuff myself, but my mother used to make mayonnaise in a regular blender; it only took a few seconds. As far as I remember she put in an egg and some lemon juice, then drizzled in the oil with the blender running- it should be pretty easy to come up with a recipe.
ktr April 26, 2017
I've found the easiest way to make homemade mayo is with a stick blender. Make sure everything is at room temp and then put all the ingredients in a narrow jar (I use the one that came with my stick blender but a pint jar works too). I wait a minute to let everything settle after I put the blender into the jar before I start blending. Then blend without lifting the stick blender. You will see mayo forming on the bottom 1/3-1/2 of the jar. At that point, I tip the stick blender to pull down more oil and then very slowly pull the stick blender to the top. I've have had a few times where this didn't work but it was always when I used too wide a jar.
C S. April 25, 2017
You can definitely make your own mayonnaise with egg and oil and a little lemon juice or vinegar. There are recipes wherever you find your recipe, it takes time because you have to beat in the oil slowly but it's good. Good luck
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