What to do with glut of parsley & lemon balm?

Looking for ideas to use up excess herbs from our vegetable garden. Thought about making a large batch of chimichurri sauce. Has anyone had success freezing it? Also, any suggestions for the lemon balm beyond adding to salad or using in drinks? Thanks!

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  • Posted by: Fifer
  • May 13, 2012


petitbleu May 14, 2012
Definitely make a big batch of chimichurri and freeze it--in ice cube trays if you can. It freezes very well. You can also make a salad of straight up parsley--make sure to chop it finely enough so it doesn't stick in your craw. Dress with a bright, lemony dressing and anchovies. Delish.
rt21 May 14, 2012
I've made lemon balm sorbet , quite tasty
pierino May 13, 2012
Tabbouleh comes to mind. And in addition to the parsley, I don't see why you couldn't work some lemon balm in as well.
Fifer May 13, 2012
I'm open to more drink suggestions too - especially if they involve booze. ;-)
Greenstuff May 13, 2012
I know this is a drink, but lemon balm makes an absolutely delicious liqueur.
boulangere May 13, 2012
Make pesto, which freezes beautifully.
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